Which Exercise is the Best?

This is the most frequently asked question I get whether it be regarding cardio, strength training, improving performance or simply stretching.  The answer obviously depends on what you are wanting to do and why but I can tell you for a fact that the “BEST” exercise is one you will actually do. Good intentions and brilliant plans do no good if you don’t follow through.  Finding activities that you enjoy will help you to stay active over the long term. A good program will include cardiovascular training, strength, flexibility, and balance training as well as adequate amounts of sleep and sound nutrition. It is not necessary to spend hours in a gym in order to stay healthy. If you find that enjoyable, go for it, but don’t guilt yourself if it is not your thing.



About Power Within LLC

I often hear people refer to exercise as work. It certainly can be but I prefer to think of it as a celebration. Every day I see people who would give anything to have good health and be able to move freely. Each movement is a gift and I do not want to take it for granted. My passion and desire is to help people enjoy exercise and find what really makes them feel vibrant and alive. Designing a clean diet and developing a strong healthy body isn't impossible. Many people just need a little assistance and help to sort through all of the information thrown at them daily. My background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science & Movement, multiple certifications including Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Exercise is Medicine from the American College of Sports Medicine.

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