One of my favorite classes to teach is cardio kickboxing. Kickboxing is a fantastic full body workout that can deliver some great results. If you want to work off some anxiety and melt the muffin top all at once, this is the class for you!

I have had many people over the years tell me they don’t like kickboxing because they tried it once and got hurt. It is easy to get injured if punches and kicks are not executed properly. It is worth the time to learn proper form and start slowly. Cardio kickboxing has a different purpose than Martial Arts training. The goal of an exercise class is fitness. ie: Get your heart rate up, build strength, flexibility, etc. While these attributes are important in Martial Arts and can be a great addition to your training program, Martial Arts classes are generally more focused on specific techniques and self-defense.

I would recommend speaking with the instructor before class. Stay light on your feet. When throwing a back arm punch, hook, uppercut, etc. let the front foot point toward your target, and allow the back foot to pivot as the shoulder comes through. Stance is important. In fighter’s stance, one foot and shoulder are back. You are facing the front and a person standing in front of you should be able to see between your feet. If you place the back foot directly behind the front foot and bring the shoulders around especially if you don’t let the foot pivot, you will place a strain on your low back & hip and wrench the front knee. Taking yourself out is never fun!

When executing a kick be sure to chamber (bend knee) before and after you extend the leg. This will prevent you from slamming your foot into the ground and hyperextending the knee or bruising your foot. The majority of the time in the cardio kickboxing class, we will not be hitting targets so there is nothing to stop your arm or leg. Therefore, it is important to NOT hyperextend the knee or elbow. Be aware of your body mechanics and have fun.